Federal voting equipment standards

In 1990, the FEC [Federal Election Commission] issued voluntary federal voting equipment standards that identified minimum functional and performance requirements for electronic voting systems and specified test procedures to be used to ensure that voting equipment met these requirements. FEC later revised the standards in 2002 to address new or additional functional and technical voting system capabilities. With the passage of HAVA in 2002, the responsibility for issuing standards passed to EAC [Election Assistance Commission]. In December 2005, EAC issued the Voluntary Voting System Guidelines, which include additions and revisions for system functional requirements, performance characteristics, documentation requirements, and test evaluation criteria for the national certification of voting systems.

Source: ELECTIONS: The Nation’s Evolving Election System as Reflected in the November 2004 General Election, U.S. Government Accountability Office https://www.gao.gov/assets/160/157713.pdf